Our philosophy

At Wild for Life, we live and love what we do with the intention to educate and spark curiosity, to explore and experience the goodness of the traditional therapeutic gifts of Mother Nature, always striving to bring the benefits and exquisite flavours of our spices to you in a way that honours the earth and ecosystems in which they are grown. Your health has been considered in every component of our products, even our packaging.

A personal journey

A Holistic Therapist for many years and one of Australia’s first ‘Primal Blueprint’ Certified practitioners, with an unrivalled passion for healing through whole foods based on ancestral nutrition and Paleolithic principles, Annie Peros has spent her years creating disease-preventative and recovery-targeted spice blends and wholefood recipes, for her clients and health aware restaurants and cafés.

As a result of the ever increasing demand and a rapidly growing awareness within the health and wellbeing consciousness, Annie wanted to share the well-being aspects of combining organic spices to all.

It comes from my heart, to give others the opportunity to experience a high level of health naturally.

Annie Peros, Wild for Life Founder

Our products

Wild for Life is dedicated to sourcing the highest quality organic, wild, traditional and delicious spices from around the globe. Blending them to maximize their therapeutic benefits and add another dimension to your food.

Wild for Life therapeutic, organic spice blends are bursting with the medicinal benefits and curative qualities that nature has always provided us. Carefully blended with superior quality 100% certified organic spices, herbs, activated nuts and seeds.

We have taken the world’s most effective medicinal spices to craft therapeutic blends that will delight your taste buds along with enhancing your health. All our spice blends are gluten free, sugar-free, soy free, dairy free, grain free, vegan, Paleo …and of course delicious!

Spices – nature’s medicine

Spices contain an impressive list of plant-derived chemical compounds that are known to have disease preventing and health promoting properties. They have been in use since ancient times for their anti-inflammatory, carminative, anti-flatulent properties and amongst many others. Recent scientific research has confirmed ancient wisdom and the health-enhancing effects of adding spices to your food.

Studies of dietary patterns around the world confirm that spice-consuming cultures have the lowest rates of life-threatening illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. The components in spices have been found to have anti-clotting action, prevent clogging of platelets in the blood vessels, thus helps easing blood flow, aiding the prevention of stroke and coronary artery disease. The active principles in spices may augment the function of the intestinal tract as well as increase the digestion power by stimulating copious gastro-intestinal enzyme secretions.

Every time you flavour your meals with herbs or spices you are supercharging your food without adding a single calorie. You can transform something ordinary and bland into something that tastes extraordinary and is good for your body, just by generously adding herbs and spices to your meals.

Even our packaging is good for you

There is no point creating a great health-enhancing product if it’s only going to be contaminated by that which it is contained in, which is why Wild for Life organic spice blends come in glass jars.

Plastic is bad

The evidence is pretty conclusive, plastic is not good for us. Many plastics contain the chemical BPA, or bisphenol-A. This mimics the hormone Estrogen, creating estrogenic effects in the body. These effects have been linked to diseases such as cancer, diabetes & obesity. The list also includes things like asthma, infertility, low sperm count, liver problems & ADHD. Researchers are confident in saying that you can literally pick any disease and you’ll find a connection with estrogenic activity due to some of these chemicals.

BPA-FREE can be worse.

A recent trend is a switch to BPA-free plastics, however recent research has found that almost all commercially available plastics, including the ones that are marketed ‘BPA free’ leech synthetic estrogens. Heated conditions are known to unlock these potentially harmful chemicals e.g. sun, microwave heat, dishwasher heat or leaving a plastic water bottle in your car in the sun. BUT it’s been proven that even normal contact with food or water was enough for these chemicals to leech into food and water.

The scary thing is that some of the chemicals that are in the ‘BPA-free’ plastics actually have been found to have ‘greater estrogenic activity’ than BPA itself.

That is why we use glass jars and minimise the contact with plastic for all our products! Now go ahead… break the seal and begin to heal!


We thank all the ethical organic farmers, communities, and connections for their continued, unfailing passion for what they do, so we can create natural, healthy, delicious, guilt free products for you.

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