• Best Food to Break a Fast blog post

    Best Food to Break a Fast

    Did you know that most people kick start their health commitment between March-April? Why’s that? We'll come November to March there are a stream of social events in which most of the planet participates - starting with Melbourne Cup (Australia) through to Valentines Day and Easter. In my experience, the best way to get back [...] More  →
  • Intermittent Fasting Blog

    Intermittent Fasting

    Like anything in life, if we jump on the bandwagon without doing our research then we rarely achieve and sustain the required results - especially in the world of food and nutrition with the constant stream of trending movements sweeping through. This too applies to Intermittent Fasting, although for me intermittent fasting is not a [...] More  →
  • Food as Fuel blog

    Food Is Fuel, Not Therapy

    Picture it, Greek family, not overly traditional,  but Greek nevertheless - Dad, mum, older brother and me. Mum cooked everything and she cooked well, really well. My grandmothers' food, oh my gosh salivating right now! Delicious traditional Greek food - imagine... Green Horta - bitter green grasses and vegetables Slow cooked lamb Organ meats Chicken [...] More  →
  • Fun Love blog by Annie Peros

    Fun Love

    To love someone or something free of expectation, agenda or return investment is the purest experience. To rejoice in that persons decision or happiness even if it’s not what you personally desired, is unconditional love. When there is deep indescribable love that is free from attachment, labels or future expectations...that my dear, is the end [...] More  →
  • Back to School - The Holistic Way - Life Talks by Annie Peros

    Back to School – The Holistic Way

    It’s back to school time! Skyy starts high school this year, my time flies! I must admit, I had it pretty good when he was in primary school. His canteen was super healthy and primarily Paleo; meaning he had a lunch order most days #busymumlife #peaceofmindforme. So until I “Wild for Life-ify” the high school [...] More  →
  • Summer - Life Talks by Annie Peros


    Hey you shining joy-filled love beam. This season, continue journeying along your path and happily flow as nature expresses her grand show of transition. You’ve hibernated through the dormancy of Winter, you’ve poked your head out through the blossoming of Spring and now Summer is here, my gorgeous lovers. Summer has arrived and it’s now [...] More  →
  • Time to be Mindful Blog

    A Time To Be Mindful

    Been jingling my bells lately and o’ what fun it is. I’ve created some delicious and healthy festive treats, including my favourite Festive Log dessert - you have to try them! These healthy treats will be the hit of your celebrations! Christmas is also a perfect time to give back to those who need some [...] More  →
  • Create a Healthy Workplace Culture

    6 ways to create a healthy workplace culture

    Find out how your workplace culture is effecting your health. At Wild for Life HQ we never talk about work. We talk about our passions, we talk about our interests, we talk about our inspirations, we talk about our relationships, we talk about our experiences, we talk about discoveries and adventures. We don’t talk about [...] More  →
  • I found the answer to my fat loss dilemma

    Here is the second part on how I found the answer to my fat loss dilemma. If you missed the first part - please read here - The answer to my fat loss dilemma. What was going on with my liver and why was I putting on body fat? STRESS ... Yep stress baby. Stress [...] More  →
  • The answer to my fat loss dilemma

    I love the fact that there are so many different eating styles and preferences out there. We have Keto, Fodmap, Paleo, Vegan, Pegan (paleo x vegan), raw food, 80:20, etc etc... This absolutely excites me. Never used to though. It actually used to freak me out. I found it insanely overwhelming. However, it took a [...] More  →
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