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Centred Earth

Centred Earth


Organic Turmeric Ginger spice blend

Awaken your senses with an explosion of robust ingredients organic turmeric, ginger and cayenne – what better way to help fire up digestive juices. Explore the exotic east with a spicy kick that promotes circulation and cardiovascular health by improving the absorption and assimilation of essential nutrients in your body.

Centred Earth is a carefully curated blend which is perfectly balanced to flavour all dishes and marinades. Try enlivening chicken skewers or a stir fry.

Lovingly made with organic ingredients
Parsley, ginger, onion, turmeric, garlic, cinnamon and cayenne.





Soy & Dairy Free


Weight 80g


How to use me

Bring alive the flavourful organic turmeric in Centred Earth by mixing it with coconut oil and a dash of honey for a quick and delicious chicken marinade. Our exotic east spice blend enlivens enlivens all seafood, stir fries and broths. In a hurry, blend Centred Earth with coconut oil for a divine salmon marinade.

Therapeutic benefits

To make the most of the amazing anti-inflammatory properties of organic turmeric, try adding ghee or coconut oil in your marinade. The healthy fats act as a transporter and help facilitate the turmeric’s curcumin absorption into the system. This is a similar function of the black pepper. Ginger loves to help fight off a common cold in the winter months or reduce nausea feelings and soothe an upset, flatulent tummy. The combination of these powerful spices boost your health with their potent therapeutic compounds.

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 cm
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